Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 2.11.08, Afternoon

Shlomit A., Yael S (reporting). Louis (guest)


 14:30 PM, Etzion DCL:  as opposed to reports from the lasts shift at the DCL, there were about 60 people waiting for magnetic cards.


Everyone had a number, it was given to them during the morning hours. The few Palestinians that got out with a magnetic cards said there was just one soldier inside who takes care of everything. A severe shortage in manpower.

We called anyone who would just listen to us to help… but there wasn't much they could do. They agreed to let those who needed to renew their hand prints enter.

16:00 PM, Beit Ummar:  we went to Beit Ummar.

17:00 PM, Etzion DCL: we returned to the DCL.  we saw Nevoani and Tdsa, two DCL officers, standing in front of 40 Palestinians who didn't get their magnetic cards. 

Nevoani sorted the people into 3 groups: those with a valid magnetic card; those who needed to renew it; those who have to update it and renew the card. (He managed to divide them to three groups according the difficulty in issuing their cards).

Those who needed a new card were asked to return in a month since it was highly likely that they were prevented passage and therefore the card wouldn't be of much use to them.

Those who needed to update their card or who's permits had expired  -  were registered in  Nevoani's notebook and were asked to return in a week to update the card.

Ten people fitted the criterions of valid magnetic cards and only they were permitted to enter the DCL. 

17:40 AM:  the 10  all came out with magnetic cards, then Tdsa came down and closed the DCL.

We counted six men who had work permits or permits to trade that were valid, but since they couldn't get to work for the upcoming week they missed another week of work.


There were six others that the inability to renew their magnetic card may cause them to be removed from the employee list of the employer who had said he would renew their license only once they had a valid magnetic card.

The lowest number handed out from dawn on that day was 780. At about 15:30 the highest number to get out was 814, meaning that only 35 people had entered according to their number.

A merchant reported that his ID card has been confiscated by soldiers while he was sitting with an Israeli merchant on Friday two weeks ago, and it hasn't yet been returned to him. He had a magnetic card and also his work permit was valid. He was under a lot of stress and showed us a summoning he received to come to the GSS on that day at 15:00.
He entered the DCL. While we were leaving, at 17:30, he was told that that there weren't any investigators present and that he should return the next day. A complaint was filed at the DCL Beit EL.