'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 25.11.08, Morning

Tammy S., Hassida S. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
Translation: Devorah K.
A'anin CP 06:05
The gatesinfo-icon opened this morning at 05:30. Many people have gone through before we arrived. All together there is a decrease in the number of people going out to pick olives. The stream of workers is very thin. They go through one by one, and that is because the inspection is very meticulous. The soldiers doing the inspection are almost beyond the range of our sight, beneath the interior gate. Near the gate where we are standing, in the concrete cube there is a soldier with his weapon drawn. From time to time he stops somebody who has already been inspected at the interior gate and inspects his documents again. Today, they are very strict about transporting things to the seamline zone. Palestinians who wanted to transport a few containers of oil were sent to take them back. It was forbidden even to take a plastic bottle with pickled olives, of the kind that peopl take with them to eat during their day's work. It seems that even a pita with labane cannot by taken. People came out empty-handed.

Furthermore: A. from A'anin went through for five minutes in order to talk to Tammy. We three stood and talked at a distance of a few meters from the gate. And the soldier came up to scold us and said that this is 'a protest meeting' and we must disperse and get farther away. I felt that I was in a totalitarian state. Three people standing and talking are a danger to the regime! When A. returned inside the gate, on his way back to the village, the soldier delayed him for a long time before he allowed him to go through.

Another man from A'anin, who has a plot of land near the junction, told us that trucks from Mei-Ami are dumping trash and chicken manureon his plot, and he does not know how to close off the area. People from Mei-Ami claim that they employed a contractor to get rid of the trash and it is none of their concern where he dumped it.

Shaked CP 07:30
Traffic is very lively in both directions. Cars, workers, women students, pupils from school and their teachers. Pedestrians enter the inspection room in sixes, and that is how they leave as well. There is no crowd at the interior turnstile, but there are many cars being inspected meticulously. Here the people leave with hampers (of food) and with bags without any problem. We saw an old man with a donkey, and he greeted us. After him a young man with a horse went through, and a herd of sheep waited for its turn.

Reihan CP  08:10
We went down facing those emerging from the sleeveinfo-icon. We asked and a few answered that the inspection is 'shitty'. They put people into the rooms and the process takes half an hour. Others said: 'Today everything is OK.' From the sleeve we observed the vehicle CP and the trucks with goods. The first round of trucks was already in the last phase of the inspection. From a distance we saw the next group of trucks waiting to enter.
A car with a yellow licence plate stood near the hut leading down from the CP, in the lane for Palestinian vehicles. In it there were three Israelis, one of whom presented a paper to the woman guard in the hut: a surveyor and his assistants (he reminded me of Kafka's Castle) working for the army. They were not allowed to go through for quite a long time. The security guards called on S., the man in charge of the CP, and he had a long conversation about them on the phone. In the end, they did go through, very angry because of the long delay.