Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 12.11.08, Afternoon

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Anina and Yehudit
Translation; Yael Bassis-Student

1345 - Tyasir checkpoint -
Children returning home from school wave at us.
There are two cars at the checkpoint and four youngsters riding donkeys, all go through swiftly.
A tractor arrives and is stopped by soldiers who circle it  and after five minutes let it go through.
Another tractor with a cartload of sheep goes through and the driver has to wait for two children who had gone through the pedestrians passage, they are not allowed to cross at the vehicles'  inspection post. This apparently stems from the need to employ a large group of soldiers to make the process yet  more difficult. I recall times where all went through at the same passage  without the making the process awkward. Also there were not so many buildings, and still  it was bad enough . Now, the entire passage process has evolved and grown to these tremendous proportions, like that  pillbox tower, the shed, the carousel and the divisions. All that for the same people crossing the checkpoints then and now.

We were told that since Monday and almost the entire day of Tuesday it was impossible to cross through the Tysir checkpoint, and people were forced to drive through the Hamara checkpoint, which made the trip much longer.
Usually those who cross through Tysir are people going to Bardale.

1455 - Hamara checkpoint
There are nine cars awaiting passage in the direction of the Jordan Valley. Drivers wait patiently. From the moment of our arrival drivers are being called in and quickly drive through.

At 1500
 We met someone who's been denied passage by the "Shabak" - Israel's general security bureau - to have him sign forms which we give out to the team that deals with "deniedees". He arrives as planned. The man is a father of six, who lives in a refugee camp and works a little in Jericho. He requested our assistance so he could provide for his children and his parents.

Vehicles coming from both directions drive through without delays.

1600 -We left.