Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 30.10.08, Afternoon

Miriam S., Merav A., ( photographing)) Yehduiet L.(reporting & photographing)

Natanya translating.

On the way to Huwwara going down to Marda one could see the range on the horizon west of
Zeita/ Jamma'in there is a significant change in the area. What are they building there?
13.57  Marda. There are two gatesinfo-icon open. Zeita is blocked as always.
14.00 Za'tara.
From the west two cars, a Hummer and one man detained in the isolation. From the north 35 cars waiting and two checking areas. We phoned Rosy at the centre.
14.10 Huwwara.
Before we arrived we saw smoke from the quarry on the west side. When we got to the checkpoint we saw the fire. In the area are fields and groves of the people of Burin next to the private road of the settlement of Bracha. 2 fire engines were trying to put out the fire. Photo included.
In the isolation the detaineesinfo-icon change all the time. They are taken for a talk with the secret service. They wait about an hour until their turn arrives.  The commander takes them to a van where the conversation takes place. Before these conversations used to take place behind the humanitarian post. Today when the tractors are busy digging lanes for the new checkpoint it is impossible to do so in a hidden place and so they are out in the open. Under the shed those leaving Nablus are checked.
There are 3 turnstiles for the young, the magnometer device squeaks, there is tension and unquiet in the lines, also  humanitarian line and the x-ray device to which people take their parcels.
The DCO representative is far from us and we cannot speak to him. There is no dogtrainer.
We meet Z. who reminds us that two years ago the commander then tried to persuade him to pass arms through the checkpoint because he did not cooperate and was punished as a matter of routine.
A student waiting for his friend who had been called for a "talk" speaks to us in English. Something about this confuses us and then he explains that when he speaks of "fear" he means "free."
At the car lane of those entering Nablus a line sometimes forms. Only those with permits are allowed in. We cannot see how many are waiting at the exit.

16.30 Beit Furik.
As soon as we arrived the commander with his helmet on comes towards us and he wants to show us something, He shows us the stone which is the new place for Machsomwatch to stand. And to our surprise the sign has been erased. There is a drawing next to the erased area of which the paint is still wet.
Afterwards people told us that the commander who is it seems from the DCO saw what was written there and was very angry. Afterwards a captain of high rank came with a crew who photographed and documented what was written there and then the soldiers were ordered to erase everything. A photo is included.
A friend told us that in the last 10 days things have been bad at the checkpoint. Today people waited at the exit of Nablus for 3 hours and now he is going home from Beit Furik to Nablus and waited an hour.
4 cars wait in the direction of Beit Furik. 20 cars wait at the exit from Nablus. As usual there is only one checking post for cars in both directions.

17.10 Za'tara. 26 cars wait from the north and there are two checking posts. From the west are 3 cars.