Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 10.11.08, Morning

Hagit S.S., Ra'iya J. (reporting)

Road 35
Across the road from Telem: A blockage.
Humanitarian CP: Blocked.
Shiuyukh Hebron – There's almost no transit, and even not a single taxi  awaiting passengers into or out of Hebron. 

At the entrance to Hebron, there's a police vehicle guarding the dismantled settlement (Federman Farm).
12 Israeli flags have been mounted on top of the Disputed House, facing the Arab neighbourhood.
Pharmacy CP is almost deserted. We meet a group of seven TIP people.
Opposite Hadassah House a policeman stops us and asks for an entry permit. His Chief then immediately follows suite, with an edict confirming that the area is a closed military area until 14:00.