'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 13.11.08, Morning

Lea R., Anna N.S.
Translation: Devorah K.

06:10 A'anin CP
The CP opened on time and about 40 people have already gone through. Last night there was a lot of rain and it seems that only a small number of farmers are going out to their lands.
The passage goes on at reasonable speed, and no unusual events have been observed. The beggar child tries to manipulate us so that we would give him some money. He is not going to school because there is no money. He is hungry because there is no money, and so on. Lea gives him ten Shekels and he pretends to be insulted and asks for more.
Among the olive trees are scattered some clay roof tiles that were not allowed to go through to A'anin.
06:25 After about twenty men and women went through, including tractors, we left.

06:45 Reihan-New Barta'a CP
As we went down to the terminal through the sleeveinfo-icon we met the last people leaving to go to work. We heard about the appropriation of agricultural permits, refusals for no reason - hardships and suffering with no end. There are only a few people going through on a day like this, from here to there. One man tells us that today his son, an eleven-year-old, was not allowed to go through the CP with him. For the last few days, he has been going through with him to the olive grove because there was no school, or the school day was shortened because they observed Arafat's birthday. The father prefers to have his son spend time with him rather than just running around in the streets. Why did they not allow him through today? Because the father does not have the child's birth certificate with him. The father claims that he was not told that he had to have the document, and asked them to allow him to go through with the child for the last time. All our efforts at persuading the people in the DCO failed. The eleven-year-old child was sent back to the CP on a cold and wet day, so that he had to get back home to Ya'abed by himself. An eleven-year-old little boy, alone. In the meantime, the people from the security firm do not allow Lea to go down to the lower parking lot claiming that we have abused their trust in us several times. And although we were forbidden to do this, we bought food and olive oil from the Palestinians. When we talk to the person in charge, Sharon, we found a man angry and hurtclaiming that he lost faith with us because a couple of women were caught buying food and oil two days before. He filed a complaint against us with the CP ('passages' in the cleaned up language) Administration, and the rest is known from our separate report. He agreed to pass on the clothes that we brought with us for distribution.

07:50 Shaked-Tura CP
There are long queues of cars on both sides of the CP and workers are leaving for work. A man stops us and tells us that he dug two water holes in his olive grove in Tura, and discovered after a few days that he had to stop them up  because he had not gotten a permit to dig them. He has to take care of the matter in Kedumim-Beth El first.
08:15 We left in order to take two people -- a father and his son from Jenin - to the Rambam Hospital