Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Wed 10.9.08, Morning

Hagit S' and Raya Y' (reporting)

Translating- Revital S.

Lots of lorries with produce.

Highway 35
There's almost no traffic.
The roadblock on Highway 35 is open to lorries thanks to the easing of restrictions of movement and crossing is enabled between 06:00-13:00. Two nice Duchifat Soldiers are standing guard at one end of the checkpoint.
Further down the road, work on a gravel path and an iron gate is in progress, to open up another entrance into Hebron.
The Humanitarian Checkpoint is closed - nobody in sight in either direction.
Shuyuch Hebron - A jeep with three border police soldiers - the one in charge asks if we've come to give trouble and I say - "I came to say hello to you too and ask how you were". They check the ID cards of people crossing. A resident of Taibe who came to collect payment from merchants in Hebron is being detained in his van and an impatient negotiation ensues between himself and the border police in charge. The border police soldier is being extremely rude and working himself up. The Palestinian is trying to explain politely that it's his first time there and he needs directions. He is an Israeli citizen and doesn't understand why he is being treated so rudely (and he's right. There's no reason not to be civil).
We tried to soften things by showing interest in what the guy from Taibe does, and right enough, the presence of witnesses forced everyone to behave better and they even helped the visitor to find his meeting place.

The Pharmacy Checkpoint and Tarpat Checkpoint - Hardly any traffic.
Tel Rumeida - Two soldiers at the checkpoint check every single pupil, what can their school bag contain. Afraid of a terrorist attack, the soldiers insist everyone stay in line, including women and men. A Palestinian who wants to go over to a neighbour and has to line up loses his patience and returns home. Really difficult for both sides, dispiriting and impossible. The mornings could be made easier with another inspection post, to make the crossing human.
The settlers take this corner at full speed. The road is exclusively theirs. Not a pleasant sight.