Beit Iba, Mon 10.11.08, Afternoon

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Tamara H. Yonah A. Elisheva A. (reporting);

Beit Iba

The entrance to Nablus. 3 trucks and 10 cars at the exit waiting while the soldiers change the shift.

Our acquaintance, the porter, is detained while two canisters of oxygen are checked. It is to be used for air conditioners. Two soldiers and the commander N. have a long discussion with him but do not allowed them through.

The commander himself come to us of his own initiatives and says that his orders only allow gas canisters to go through in bulk and on a vehicle which has a permit.  He then asks "Why do you hate the soldiers so much." He tells us that he is from Sederot. N. explains to me the reasons he has to be here but also listens to what I have to say. When we parted he said that he would like to continue the conversation. I will also be glad of another occasion to do so.

14.30 At the pedestrian passage women either entering or exiting are not checked. On the other hand the men have their IDs checked against the list. Young men exiting take off belts, telephones, coins etc. and go through the x-ray device. There are few pedestrians and the soldiers are polite. The DCO Hasam walks between the checking areas. At one stage he comes past us and says " I am going up. If you need me call me." It sound so normal in this abnormal situation.