Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sun 26.10.08, Morning

Avital T., Natanya G. (reporting)
Wadi Nar

We reached  Wadi Naar at eight o'clock. At the center of the road cross, which is quite deserted, and everything seems to be improvised, it was written "the governor house" on a improvised shed. The eastern hill turned into a mini military zone. The buldozers had disappeared in the meanwhile, and the whole area looks like imaginary edges of an unfinished building.

The traffic during our stay was quite thin. A van coming from Beit Lehem was stopped, and the driver asked to open the doors. After a few trials one side door was opened with difficulty. The van was full of medium size cardborad boxes. What will the soldiers do? If they open the contents of the car, it will take a whole day. The car was sent on its way.