'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 6.11.08, Afternoon

Hanna E., Leah R. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

15:20 - Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
All appears calm; a few cars, a few people, but someone is detained. We have no knowledge of the problem. Later that person passed.

5:40 - Aaneen checkpoint -
There aren't many people around. Those waiting to return to Aaneen argue among themselves and the soldiers stop the inspection until they retreat. Soldiers are quick and efficient.
Among those returning are women, children, men and elderly.

On the way to Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint we're escorted by a man, a resident of Aaneen, who has a passage permit at Rihan (it is easier because of its schedule). This person is not allowed to cross over at the Aaneen checkpoint even when that gate is open. He has to travel to Aaneen from the Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint, via Jenin, which is quite costly.
All for the sake of order. Order is order.

16:30- Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
There are many people at the sleeveinfo-icon going down to the terminal on the seamline zone side.
People are tired; they begin their workday at an early morning hour, at times as early as three a.m.
Inside the terminal there are only two operational  inspection booths  and after a little while, only one (a computer is down). Following several requests by us two more windows are opened.
The pressure at the time when people come home from work is well known to the terminal managers; the windows could be opened and closed as needed - it'll ease life of workers and reduce the stress of the inspectors (they are also under pressure).
In addition, going through the turnstle requires the flexibility of an acrobat, especially when holding a big bag or a parcel. The turnstile stops abruptly when someone crosses to the opposite direction. It is quite dangerous and people might be hit badly.

18:45 - We leave. Hana is almost in tears from heartbreak.