'Anin, Mon 10.11.08, Morning

Ruthy T.
Translation: Devorah K.
5:30 A'anin CP
The gatesinfo-icon are open. There is not a single person around. In the passage to the interior gate, the yellow one, there is an army vehicle, and loud voices are heard from the wadi .
At 5:35 the passage begins. On the hill to the left of the interior gate, small bonfires are visible among the olive trees. Near the lower gate, there is only a small assembly of people this morning.
At 5:40 I am banished to the other side of the gate. The soldier noticed me when I asked somebody about the yelling. They answer that the inspection is slow. As a matter of fact, 32 people go through in 10 minutes.
At 6:00 a soldier appears in order to record data about me personally. He claims that he has to get a permit post factum because I took pictures in a military area. In the future I will have to ask for a permit in advance. He wrote down something or other and thanked me courteously.
At 6:15 tractors loaded with olive pickers begin to arrive. Many of them complain that only a few of the people in their families are allowed to go out to pick olives.
At 6:50, women and children get on donkeys coming from the direction of Bidya and wait. The children are taken in two shifts to the school in Umm el-Reihan.
At 7:02 the interior gate is locked.

07:10 Shaked-Tura CP
A herd of goats welcomes me. From the direction of the interior gate loud shouts are heard. "Get away from there," shouts a soldier and points to the turnstile. "Don't try to trick me!" Four cars are waiting on the side of the West Bank for passage to the seamline zone. In front of the turnstile there is a crowd of about 30 people.
At 7:15 the first person emerges and claims that he managed to be the first because he has been waiting since 5:30. Women and girls (students) go through quickly. The schoolgirls are not inspected. A taxi going in the direction of the West Bank is inspected in three minutes.
At 7:24, the driver of a Transit, whose passengers went through the CP in the direction of the West Bank some time ago, blows his horn over and over again. After two minutes, he decides to drive in [without waiting for instructions from a soldier]. "Go back!  Don't argue! Go back! Don't yell!" The driver shouts that he has passengers. At long last, the soldiers relent and let him through for inspection and passage. Workers claim that their car is delayed in the CP and their employer in Shaked is already angry with them for coming to work late. "Every day there are new laws. Today the soldiers are not letting permanent residents go through the gate - only through the machine!"
At 7:40 there are no longer any cars in the direction of the West Bank. From the other direction there are five cars waiting. About ten people are waiting near the inspection room. At 7:45, I hear a soldier at his post shouting: "Get back. Stop upsetting me. I didn't call you. Do you want to make me crazy?"
At 8:05, the CP is quiet.

08:20 Reihan-Barta'a CP
Eight vans are waiting for workers in the upper parking lot. Four cars are in the white inspection compound. Seven pickup trucks with goods are in the lower parking lot. Three cars are on the road.
At 8:25 a few workers arrive and enter immediately.