Bethlehem, Fri 10.10.08, Morning

Efrat B., Claire A. (both reporting)


Summery: The Palestinians have probably deducted from their past experience that the bridge would be closed.

Bethlehem  Checkpoint: Few Palestinians tried passing. No one was sent back, that is they all had necessary documents. We also didn't hear any noise from the other side of the checkpoint, which we usually do, and when the representative of the ecumenicals arrived at the end of our shift she confirmed that there were few people on the other side. The Palestinians have become used to the army's curfews during the holidays and apparently most of them have decided to stay in since the chances that they get to pass are less likely then on "usual" days.


It was only at one point that more people had accumulated and a line was formed by the only post that was open. We decided to call the humanitarian line so that they tell the soldiers to open an additional line. For some reason no one answered our call, so we came to the soldiers that got out of the inner rooms at the checkpoint:

-Could you open an additional line as there is a line now…

- Soldier A': We don't have enough man power and it's fine just as it is.

Soldier B': No it's not fine, there is a line.


After a couple of minutes they opened two additional lines through which those who were waiting passed quickly.