Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 12.10.08, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting)

15:00 PM, Etzion DCL, Rachel Crossing:  When we arrived at the checkpoint, there were almost no people remaining for magnetic cards. Here or there one emerged with a card, and a couple arrived late and were accepted - perhaps because many had not come, or maybe the wave of renewals was over.

Two who had to renew palm prints had to return to Hebron, for it could not be done at the Etzion DCL.

I reminded the Administration spokesman of the request to permit renewal of fingerprints at a crossing.

Four were waiting for Shabak interrogation - seems that the method of summoning and holding people without IDs has come back into force. I reported to the Civil Administration and I hope that they will deal with it.

Since there were so few people, we had opportunity for lengthier conversations.


1. Medical - a man who submitted a request for a medical permit was turned down by the DCL on the ground of Shabak blacklist: the request was submitted on Wednesday and should have been brought up to the medical centre before refusal. The request was to go to the Diabetes Clinic at Augusta Victoria Hospital. The clinic was created to deal with Palestinian diabetics free of charge, and it is important to allow this treatment.

2. Attacks by IDF on Palestinian houses - recently there are complaints about stealing of money and destruction of property by soldiers searching their houses. In addition, there are complaints of pointless detentions that end in the giving of guarantees and release from arrest without cause. These subjects are passed on to Yesh Din.

3. The problem of Shabak blacklisting continues to prey on hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. The list is updated and each time we encounter new “blacklistees.” They are passed on for Silvia's devoted care.

4. What do we do - again one of the Palestinians said that we really don't help: “Where are human rights?” And what are we actually talking about? The response comes from Palestinians who feel that we are doing something important.


When we left, after 16:00, only two people were waiting for Shabak.