Bethlehem, Tue 28.10.08, Afternoon

Rina H., Rahel W. (reporting)

2:30 PM, Bethlehem Checkpoint:  When we first arrived at the Rahel crossing at about 2:30, there were two stations open, but not a soul crossing in either direction. Perhaps it was because of the time of day, or perhaps because of the unpleasant weather.


Within about 15 minutes, more people arrived. The two border police-women operating the stations were efficient and everyone was able to cross in either direction quickly and without incident.


A woman approached us with a request. She is a Greek Orthodox woman who lives in Bethlehem who has a permit to come into Jerusalem to work as a cleaning woman. She said that her 21 year old daughter who was born in Beit Sahur but who is now married with two children and lives in Bethlehem is not allowed to enter Jerusalem at all -- even for Christian festivals when other members of their church are allowed in. She said that her name has appeared on the list of people from her church who request permission to go to the Holy Sepulchre for Easter and Christmas, the Etzion DCL always refuses her entry. Her husband is allowed in! Very strange.


The mother says that she is never given a reason for the refusal and asked if we could help.


I have the information about the woman if anyone has a suggestion for how we might help.