'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 23.10.08, Morning

Lea R., Tamar W.
Translation: Devorah K.

A'anin CP
6:40 People who have already gone through say that everything is fine. In the CP, the soldiers have nothing to do -- apparently everybody has already gone through. The men sitting near the gate tell us the same thing. M. asks if we can help get machines for the olive-picking. Last year he got some machines from Christian Arabs near Nazareth. We asked him to find out the details and we exchanged telephone numbers. This year he is in distress. He does not have enough days to pick the olives in his fields and he did not get enough permits for the members of his big family. Actually, he is the only one who has received a permit and he cannot do everything by himself. He has a large plot of land and he has not picked any olives yet because he cannot do it himself (he is aged about 60). He also has another large area which he has cleared. He wants to plant young olive trees but he is not allowed to take family members to help him. A friend of his arrives and tells us that his olive grove is on the mountainside and he has to spend an hour and a half each way riding there a donkey. This leaves him almost no time to work. He needs another month at least, and very soon the CP will again open for only a few hours every day.

Reihan CP 8:00
The drivers outside tell us that most of the people has already gone through. Those coming through say it is not crowded inside and there is no pressure. We measured the passage: about ten minutes.

Shaked CP 9:00
The CP is quiet at this time of day. A couple with a little girl tell us that the passage is smooth and quick, and a car that arrives is inspected and goes on its way quickly.