'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 19.10.08, Morning

Ruthy T. and Hannah H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

A'anin CP 5.50
The CP opened at 5.30 and about 30 people have already gone through. About 60 are waiting on the slope of the CP and the passage is flowing. By contrast with the rest of the year, during the olive-picking season there are many women with little children. Even now, not all of them have received permits for the olive-picking.

Reihan CP - 6.20
Even though the CP was opened at 5.00, only 12 people are waiting for rides in the upper parking lot. Naively we thought that this shows that most of the people have already gone through, but it turns out that today the passage is very slow. At the exit only one window is operating and the terminal is full.
At 6.30 they manned an additional position (after those going through complained) and the tempo increased.

Workers in the Shahak industrial zone told us that for a few days they were allowed to go through at the Shaked CP but today they are allowed to go through only here at the Reihan CP.
6.50  Eleven pickup trucks with goods are waiting to go through to the seamline zone. A pickup truck on the way to the West Bank that was inspected at the vehicle CP is now sent for inspection to the closed compound.

Shaked CP - 7
The CP was opened at 7.00, and about 10 workers have already gone through. About 20 people are waiting near the turnstile. Cars go through steadily in both directions; the wait time is short and inspection takes four or five minutes.
Pupils and teachers go through immediately without being inspected. Women who live in Daher el Malik go through to the seamline zone without going into the inspection room.
At 7.25 a queue forms at the entrance to the inspection room. Only one person is working there and that is why the passage is slow. A number of bicyclists went through without having to be inspected in the pavilion. According to one of the residents, people from Daher el Malik and Umm Reihan could go through the Reihan CP until today, and now they have been notified that they have to go through the Shaked CP. Of course they are very worried because if someone gets sick in the late afternoon or evening they will find the CP closed.

Reihan CP - 7.50
The bus from the seamline zone to Jenin is inspected with its passengers and goes on its way within a quarter of an hour. Cars going on the way to the seamline zone wait for about 20 minutes and after that the inspection lasts for another 20 minutes. Eight pickup trucks loaded with goods are waiting for inspection