'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 27.10.08, Afternoon

Elisheva A. Yonah A. Natanya translating

Opposite the locked gate at Jubara the soldiers say that they may not
speak to us and they do not have the key of the gate. A communication
captain of the Shir brigade to whom we phone says she will check. 10
minutes later and some phone calls one of the soldiers comes up to us
and explains that evidently the soldiers of the previous shift took the
key with them so they cannot open the gate.

We go on to Anabta. Three young men in a car driving behind us signal
that we have a problem with our car. It seems that the gasoline is
leaking. We decide to return to the Tayniem checkpoint and get to the
garage near Teiba and wait for the towing truck. And so ended our
activities for the day…to our sorrow.