'Anabta, Beit Furik, Beit Iba, Huwwara, Tue 14.10.08, Morning

Bilha A., Riva B., Yonah A.


Natanya translating.


Today only one shift went out to Beit Iba, Hawarra and Beit Furik. We did not stop at Jubara and A-Ras but went to see what was happening at Anabta. As soon we turned to the left towards the checkpoint a policeman stopped us and asked to see the papers and also the IDs of each one of us. After he had written down the details he asked us if we knew where we were going. We showed him the MachsomWatch logo. He said he had not noticed and asked what it was. We answered politely and said he should have a look at our web site and went on to Beit Iba.  After that to Anabta which was manned and where cars in the direction of Tulkarm were being checked and also those leaving.

The traffic flowed and there were no lines.