Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 5.10.08, Morning

Leah Sh. and Paula R. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

 Guest: Abigail
Sansana-Meitar CP
We arrived at 6:45, and there were no workers on the Palestinian side. They had already passed and waited for the pick-ups.
Route 60
There was almost no military presence. We did not see a barrier lifted, but the one of the entrances to Hebron, that was open for a time, was barred again by boulders.
Hebron Pharmacy CP: The CP area looks tidied up; a welcome initiative of the officer in command (quite friendly).

הילדות עומדות בצייתנות מאחורי הקו האדוםTel-Rumeida, 07:20 – 07:45: It infuriates every time to watch the residents having to line up for the inspection and especially the little children, on their way to school. The soldiers got orders not to enter any discussion with us, a “lesson” they learned after the publication of their conduct in “Maariv”. The international volunteers told us that on the day of the publication, the soldiers let their frustration out on the residents. They told us that before we came some 25 people lined up, and that some children would probably arrive late to school (in Cordoba school starts at 07:40, probably in order to avoid confrontations with the settlers’ children). Still, 5 little children (see the pictures below) arrived late and, forgetting everything, kept running. The soldiers, however, did not forget their task and herded them back behind the line. The pictures show them having to go back and wait.