Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 14.8.08, Morning

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Ofra and Zippi

Sensana pathway (Meytar)
6:00 The checkpoint is rather empty. On the Israeli side of the parking lot, there are many workers, expecting their local transportation. Those who arrive pass in about 5min. One of the workers walks by us, smiles and says: "everything's o.k. now." We are surprised to see no family-visits' buses.

In the checking lane, one can hear the checking staff talking to the workers. A man's harsh voice shouts at everyone to move backwards and a young woman's voice, somewhat less squeaky.

It seems as if the number of private cars with which the Palestinians arrive at the checkpoint has grown. Does this indicate an improvement in the economic state?

Road 60
Earth blockages along the road. In several places it seems as if some serious road work was done but generally speaking, the condition seems similarly rough: the road is almost entirely inaccessible, blocked on both sides. Traffic, Israeli and Palestinian, is very scarce. Military vehicles can hardly be detected, too.  In the vineyard close to Bnei Naim, belonging to a settler from Kiryat Arba, the gate is open. We didn't see either the owners or any military vehicle. 

Road 35
East Halhul: Traffic flows. We are struck by the number of cameras positioned on the Pillbox post.
Halhul Bridge: Traffic flows.