Qalandiya, Thu 16.10.08, Afternoon

Zully F. Yael L.J. (reporting) Quest:Judith a German teacher

General situation: Chol ha moed Succoth

We were arriving at the Jerusalem side of the
checkpoint at 16:40 p.m. There were a few cars waiting on their way to
Ramallah. They could pass fast.
We could cross the pedestrian part of the
checkpoint to the Ramallah side 
control as usual. There we found
a queue of about 20 people waiting for passing to
Jerusalem. Somebody told us that there had been a closureinfo-icon in the
Then were arriving more people. It took
us half an hour at counter 2 to pass.
The female soldier who was on duty there was
shouting through 
loudspeakers commands
which were hardly to understand. When Z. was asking for her name, she refused
showing her name tag.