South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Wed 6.8.08, Morning

Hagit S., Raya Y.

Translation: Yael Z.

A few people and cars are quietly passing the CP.

Route 35
Shuyuch Hebron
– Almost empty. We talk with a constructor who speaks Hebrew, quotes Bialik and hopes for better times.
The taxis on Hebron side stands in a perfect row waiting for clients. Their drivers welcomed us for an easy talk.
The southern entrance to Hebron is blocked.
Humanitarian gate is also closed.
Halhul- Hebron Bridge: A removable CP was stretched near the glass factory for the last hour. Soldiers are checking the cars passing. There is a long queue of vehicles, it is hot inside the cars, the drivers are impatience and start blowing the horns. The soldiers are polite, collecting documents for checking with the DCU but time passes and the line of cars and people waiting is still long. We were told that the computers failed and that is the reason for the delay.
We suggest that there should be a greater number of soldiers at the site in those cases and if possible – a portable computer at the site to enable an efficient checking and reduce the time civilians are waiting.