'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 12.10.08, Morning

Yehudit H. Leah S. (reporting); Natanya translating.

6.45 Irtah
There is much traffic at the checkpoint. Many workers entering in large groups and exiting. There was no line of workers on the Tulkarm side and the traffic flew.
7.05 Jubara 
 At the checkpoint are some soldiers and very few cars and the passage is free.
7.25 Anabta
There are a few cars going to Tulkarm and some taxis. No detaineesinfo-icon. Also in the line from Tulkarm a very short lane. Few pedestrians and no students from Tulkarm.
7.45 Beit Iba
The passage is free and we did not see soldiers checking. Students are just beginning to arrive from Tulkarm. From Nablus people take off their belts and shoes. We asked people if there had been any particular problems  and were told that there were not. No detainees. No line of cars.

8.15 We left.