Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 28.9.08, Afternoon

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Yael Y., Shlomit S. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

14:30 PM,  Etzion DCL: We arrived at the DCL at 14:30. At this hour there were about 25 people waiting for magnetic cards or renewals. By 16:30 all 25 persons had entered. There is an impression that the quantity of people who need refreshing of cards is decreasing, as is the length of the lines.

There were five people summoned by the Shabak who had been waiting since 09:00. One of them was called while we were there, and his ID was returned to him - a mistake, “we didn't need you!” This is the second time this year that he has been called and, after a day's wait, has been sent away. After all, what does the loss of a day's work matter to a Palestinian?

A man had a date for medical treatment - he had been injured in a work accident in building in Israel, and had been confirmed as 100% incapacitated for life. On his papers was a pass until December, but when he requested documentation from the Palestinian authorities, he received a “refused” stamp. After an hour and a half of our interventions with Gal, the Civil Administration Spokesman, who tends to be cooperative - he got the necessary permit. This is the first time that we encounter a permit from Beit El, with all the appropriate procedures, all the documents - and nevertheless an encountered refusal.

A few people did not receive the desired magnetic card - they were told that they were Shabak blacklisted. We directed them to Silvia and her blessed work in the hope that she will be able to help at least some of them.

There was at least one man summoned to the police, but there was no policeman and no response on the phone from the office in Etzion or Maher's mobile phone.