Etzion DCL, Mon 22.9.08, Morning

Idit S., Hana B. (reporting)

8:00 AM -14:30 PM, Etzion DCL: they had just begun distributing the numbers when we arrived at the DCL. They got to 138 and then promised that all those with numbers would be permitted to enter. During the first hour we were there nothing seemed to move, but since 9:00 that changed. When we left at 14:30 there were 38 people still in line. Until 16:00, so we learned from a phone call we made, everyone got in. Even some of those who didn't get a number were treated. Hilal, an Arab speaking officer, came to the waiting hall every now and then and reported to those who were waiting what the situation was. A police officer was present but there seemed to be much pressure at his post. People who had been waiting for the GSS were treated. There were still some left when we headed back.


A couple of people asked for our help. We referred many to Silvia as they were denied passage by the GSS. At the upper waiting hall they were told that the magnetic card doesn't annul the prevention automatically. We saw some requests for permits that on them was written "denied by the GSS".


We managed to be virtual members at a couple's honeymoon, we helped them to get in without a number, and so they headed to Haifa for the celebration. We were happy for them.


We tried helping with a misunderstanding about a summoning to the GSS. It took us a minute to decide what must be done, but the man couldn't restrain his (just) anger and took it all out on us. After we had managed to help him he took the time to thank us and apologize- but it was evident that he was angry. That is just how this cruel and loathsome system brings upon it more hate.


When will the "people of Israel" understand that freedom of movement isn't a privilege that the occupier can just grant or deny according to his own will?


As most of the pressure at this area accumulates on Monday (Bethlehem's day). We asked that they add another day for Bethlehem. Only time will tell if our request was taken into consideration.