Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 16.9.08, Afternoon

Shosh B., Chana K. (Reporting)

Natanya translating.

14.00 At the crossroads of Za'tra are 12 cars in the direction of Ramallah.
14.15 Huwwara.
A routine day in the heat. The sounds of metal, thorns and barbed wire. After developing  the photos we took today one sees the "humanitarian line" of the toilets for those waiting at the checkpoint. (photos can be seen in our site
In the meantime guests arrived and to our surprise the soldiers allowed them to go far beyond the sign which is put their "for their own safety" . The  "Blue and White" women got as far as the x-ray car and brought (maybe for Ramadan)  cakes to the soldiers.
So as to prevent the affection of "womenhood"  presure in the CP area,  we went to Beit Furik where we saw this hallucinatory slogan on the wall of the base "We go back to Nablus because Joseph is still alive. "

14.30 Beit Furik
The checkpoint is as usual nearly empty but immediately our friends arrive. Now again at this usually strict checkpoint from which we are always sent back and where often there are complaints to the police about our wandering around (blocking the point of vision)  these women are allowed to enter with the greatest of honour.
15.00 Huwwara. 
One of us goes to check what is happening in the isolation. The commander accuses us of revealing the secrets of the nation and of helping the enemy. " When you go to the back, the Palestinians can see that there is a way to come around and to attack us with a knife."
We left early for personal reasons.