Reihan, Wed 10.9.08, Morning

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Hedva H, Nava R (reporting)
09:45 - 11:15
09:45 Reihan Bartaa Checkpoint

On the Seam Zone side two cars are waiting to cross into the West Bank.
At the pedestrian checkpoint there is no line. In the direction of the Seam Zone, there are no cars apart from four already being checked. The check ends at 10:10 and the cars go on their way.

In the Palestinian parking lot, no vans are waiting. Around 10:00 a van loaded with vegetables arrives and is shortly called forinspection. Afterwards, a pickup with plastic furniture is also quickly called into inspection.

Transit through the terminal takes no more than five minutes, perhaps because of the light pedestrian and vehicles traffic. Some people were visiting, lookking into the proceedings, and maybe that was the reason for the fast procedures.
11:15 – we left.