'Anabta, Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Tue 7.10.08, Morning

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Shlomit S., Tom K., Ruth C. (reporting) Chana S. translating

 Beit Iba  07.20- 08.10 The watch is shorter than usual because of personal constraints.On the way to the checkpoint there is a line of about 30 workers and vehicles at Shaar Eliyahu.At Beit Iba, the approach to the checkpoint is filthy.  Very few people enter or exit Nablus.  While we were there, there was no checking of people entering Nablus but everyone exiting was checked.  We spoke to the commander who claimed that also among those entering there was a spot check that lasts for an hour when everyone entering is checked.  The conversation with the commander developed into a political argument with Shlomit – he listened but as usual held fast to his position.Vehicle traffic is light. Shavei Shomron  08.10-08.15We drove for a quick look at the checkpoint.  The traffic was flowing all the time. ‘Anabta 08.20-08.30 Light traffic flowing without limitation in all directions.  From time to time a spot check leads to a line of at most 4-5 cars.