Reihan, Shaked, Sat 6.9.08, Morning

Sarit A, Rahel C (reporting)
Translated by: L.W.

07:00 Reihan Checkpoint
The yellow bar across the main road is closed. At 07:05 it opens and cries can be heard from the direction of the entrance gate to the terminal. Three cars enter for checking.
50-60 peopel are crowded by the gate. Shouts from the hut -- "Close the gate!" – fill the air. The gate cannot be closed because of the pressure. The soldier continues to shout.
The parking lot is filthy!!! Four piles of eggs under the roof.
At 07:20 there is no line at the entrance. Whoever comes – enters.

At the upper entrance to the terminal:

07:30 – we meet the first people coming out. Three exit the inspection compound (after a 20-minute check), and two who are waiting are being called in. The barking of dogs fills the air. Many of the people coming out turn automatically to the cold water installation, and – oops – it is not there!

In the terminal, the centre partition is closed. Two posts are functioning. At 07:45, the last ones to enter, at 07:20, come out.

07:55 – the bus from Bartaa is being checked. Its passengers sit/stand in the playground, with others in the shade of the overhead webbing. A checkpoint functionary inspects the baggage, the driver returns it to the bus. The passengers line up (for what?). Afterwards they climb into the bus and continue on their way.

Many pedestrians go down the sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal - families with children, and individuals.

08:05 – four vans waiting for passengers. The place is empty. The lavatories are not clean. We identify two new ficus plantings next to the playground.

08:15 Shaked Checkpoint

Six soldiers, a Hummer. Relatively large traffic compared with other Saturdays. Cars. Pedestrians. A grandmother dressed in white, walking slowly, helped by a cane and with a child by her side. One of the soldiers is ready, his weapon aimed.

08:20 – we leave.