Reihan, Shaked, Sat 4.10.08, Morning

Sarit, Rachel H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

07:10 - 08:50
Today there is still a difference of an hour between occupier time and the local time (tomorrow they will be the same!)

07:10 Reihan CP
The vans are waiting in the upper parking lot. The yellow CP across the road is open. We began in the terminal. Those going through in the morning are already leaving. Because of the difference in times, the gatesinfo-icon open before the people come together at the gate. Inside the terminal -- the dividing wall is closed. One window is operating. there are no queues. The traffic is thin in both directions. Four cars are being inspected. There are no cars on the road.

In the lower parking lot: Time after time A.' brings passengers. They get out and go through and he leaves for another load (collects them at the blockade on the road). The driver with the red shawl (khefiyeh) is here. Apart from this the lot is empty and clean.

Novelty corner (perhaps only for those who get here once in two weeks): The posts of the snipers have been covered with decorative plaster. Near one of them there is a plant that emerges from a small circle of stones. Flower pots with flowers in bloom have been placed near the concrete wall (which was painted white some time ago)
 along the internal side of it (opposite the parking lot of the residents of Mavo-Dothan). In the upper parking lot, there is the usual tumult. There are many vans, and only a few passengers.....
08:25 Shaked CP
It is quiet.
Somebody talks to us and the soldier begins to shout that we must leave the CP. A small truck loaded with the contents of a household that was taken apart (cupboards, beds, a crib, a washing machine, a computer, lintels, windows, doors ....), the house of a couple that is moving to Tura. Later we learn that the woman is a teacher in Tura and she wants to live near the school. As expected - the truck is sent back. The truck left and returned less loaded. Apparently they understood that if they take off some of their possessions it will be possible to inspect the truck and they will be permitted to go through. The husband in despair tried to convince the soldiers that it is justified for him to move to another house, and to do this on Saturday when he is not working, the truck is free, and his wife is free. "You've taken everything from us; at least let us move .....". They did not let him through. The driver said that they were willing to let them through only with the cupboards. (Why? We did not ask, because there is no one to ask anyway.) Perhaps they can go through in Reihan (with a special permit?) but not on Saturday (of course!).

08:50 We left - quietly boiling mad!