'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 4.9.08, Morning

Lea and Tamar
When we arrived we discovered that the Palestinian Authority has already changed to standard time, but this report is by the Israeli clock.

06:30 A'anin CP
A man complains that he and his wife have not received a permit to go to their olive plots. He stressed the fact that they do not give permits to women.
Traffic flowed.

06:50 Shaked (Tura) CP
Traffic flowed.

07:30 Reihan (Barta'a) CP
People enter the terminal but outside there is a queue. Somebody told us that many people are waiting inside.
At the exit from the sleeveinfo-icon a young man said that it took him an hour to go through.
For a sick woman it took a quarter of an hour.
It was hot and we asked if there was a fan or an air conditionioner inside and, and were told that there was but it was not operating.