'Anabta, Wed 1.10.08, Afternoon

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Millet S., Maayan, Ephrat, Karin L

Translation: Miriam Vardi

17.15 Checkpoint Anata

When we arrived, we saw cars going in one by one, without delay, and counted about 12 cars leaving in the other lane, without any checking, so we thought that the problem had been solved. We could see part of the road which was uphill before the turning, and that all the cars reached the end of the line.

17.30 Two soldiers were stationed at the front post through which the cars entered. Another two were at the back post. They started talking with each other, and on the phone, so within seconds a line of 10 cars formed at the entrance, where 20 cars had accumulated. The cars were let through without any checking, but had to wait for the sign to approach the checkpoint. This sign was not always given. The soldiers and the officer, who does not stop talking, are busy with other, and the line gets longer till 30 cars are waiting. Millet calls the DCO and they promise her to take care of the problem.

17.35 At this stage no cars are let through. A very long line has formed beyond the point we could see. The soldiers are still busy talking on the phone, and with each other. One soldier comes out, goes to a small shed ,and comes back with a long stick. According to his movements, in the small shed, he is busy sweeping the floor. After him, another soldier goes in and wipes the floor with a rag.

The lines are getting longer and longer, but the two soldiers in the front post also begin cleaning the place. Millet calls Zaharan and the DCO and gets the same reply as before.

17.45 The traffic starts moving, in both directions, and all pass through without being checked, but they drive through one by one. We waited to see if the line is getting any shorter; it did not.  It took each car about 20 minutes to reach the checkpoint, the line continued. A third phone call to the DCO. It seems that there is no chance that anything will improve all caused by a break of 10 minutes.

18.00 We left.

18.30 Taanim Passage. A few cars in line, they drive through in two lines.