Beit Iba, Thu 25.9.08, Morning

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Shoshanah Z., Rachel A.-T. Chana S. translating


07.20    We left a bit late for various reasons. At the fruit gate there were no longer people waiting to enter Israel (or perhaps because of Ramadan?)

07.50    Beit Iba. When we arrived there were no waiting cars . At various times, a line of 5-10 cars would build up.

One bus entering Nablus was thoroughly checked for 10 minutes.  Other busses entered without any checking at all.

Very few pedestrians exited Nablus and passed quickly through the carousels and the humanitarian line. In the direction towards Nablus there were many pedestrians, mostly students, passing without check.  There was no soldier at all in the checking post.  Now and again the DCO representative stands and watches.


A wagon heavily loaded with suits exits Nablus and the owner has to unload them all on to the road and then reload them.


08.50  'Anabta.  No line of cars in either direction.  Just a superficial check of those entering Tulkarm; none of those exiting.