'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 29.9.08, Morning

Anna N. S., Neta J. (reporting)
Rosh Hashana Eve
Translation: Devorah K.

05:00 Reihan-Barta'a CP
The CP is open and there is no queue. Those who arrive enter immediately. Because of the closureinfo-icon, most of those who work in Israel have not arrived. The workers in Kibbutz Metzer did arrive and of course were not allowed to go through. The seamstresses who work in East Barta'a in the seamline zone went through as usual. Cars are being inspected with a mirror. The dog is apparently still sleeping. Only two pickup trucks are waiting for inspection which begins at 07:00.

05:50 It seems that 'everything is fine' (afterwards we discovered that we were mistaken) and we drive to the A'anin CP.

06:00 A'anin CP
The CP is still closed. We can hear the voices of those waiting from afar.

06:05 The soldiers arrive. The opening of the gatesinfo-icon goes on until about 06:15.

06:20 The first person goes through. He offers greetings for our holiday and we greet him for his. We still do not know if 'Id el Fitr' begins on Tuesday or Wednesday.
We are told that they are waiting for about 50 people. The tempo of the passage is reasonable. Many of those going through greet us and we greet them. One of those going through conveys an order from the soldiers -- that we should not pass the gate.

07:00 Shaked-Tura CP
The CP is open. A pupil who is industrious and quick arrives and goes through to Tura on the West Bank. About 20 people are waiting in front of the turnstile at the entrance to the inspection pavilion in order to go through to the seamline zone. 07:15 - An additional group of people arrives at the turnstile. They tell us that the workers from the Shahak industrial zone in the seamline zone were not allowed through at the Reihan-Barta'a CP and they had to go to the Shaked-Tura CP.

07:25 Pupils arrive and go through to their school without any inspection.

07:30 Our friend, B., who works in the rug plant in Shahak, goes through. He tells us that at 06:00 (after we left), they wanted to go through at the Reihan CP and were not allowed through. Telephone calls from the employer did not help. The employer discovered that they will be allowed to go through at the Shaked CP and that is what happened in the end. B. tells us that they are paid by the hour and now they have lost an hour of work. He also tells us that they have 12 vacation days a year, including the holidays. Those who 'waste' the vacation do not get paid for the holiday. In the past they did get extra pay for 'recovery days', but there is a new boss and now they do not get this extra vacation money.

07:45 Reihan-Barta'a CP
A few drivers are waiting for passengers and there is almost no pedestrian traffic. Many soldiers are traveling for their free holiday on bus number 27.

08:00 Two pickup trucks that arrived from Nablus in the morning are now leaving after inspection. No additional pickup trucks have arrived. Three cars are being inspected. The dog is now up and is helping in the inspection.
Two boys and four girls go through the CP on their way to school in Zebda. Their walking along the road looks really dangerous.

08:15 - We left the CP.