Beit Iba, Tue 9.9.08, Morning

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Ruti Cohen and Shlomit Simon (reporting)

07:00-08:00 - Beit Iba Checkpoint
Very quiet, neither cars nor people. Only once in a while a woman crosses over, a man, a family. Long intervals when none wait to go in or out of Nablus.
The group of soldiers is also very quiet. Around the checkpoint everything is very clean, not just of passers-by but actually spick and span.
In the vehicle checkpoint two electric bars are blocking the passageway. One block is obviously insufficient. A fault in the electrical current from the soldier's post to the barrier causes further delay to passengers of a car who have already passed the soldiers' check.
Further down a sign says "Luggage Check" and our soldiers are rummaging through luggage in the wooden donkey drawn cart.
We might live to see a luggage conveyor belt installed.