'Anata, Qalandiya, יום ב' 29.9.08, בוקר

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Roni P., Ruti R

Anata:7:00  We were greeted by a young man from the security company who
had finished his shift and was getting on to a transport.  He made mocking
expressions toward us and made sounds like an animal.  His friends shut him up
after I shouted at him.  We complained to the person in charge who said that he
would look into the matter and deal with it.  Because of the closureinfo-icon, there were
few people who came and also, very few vehicles.  A rather pleasant soldier
checked all of the passage permits.

Qalandiya, 8:00  The metal cage was almost completely empty.  Two sleeves
were open and the inspections took place quite quickly.  We noticed 4 men on
their way who did not seem familiar with the DCO which was, of course, not open
today.  It turns out that they were from the Hebron area and they had to pay
between 8000 and 10000 NIS each in order to gain the release of their sons at
the Ofer prison.  A, the commander of the DCO said that the post office would
open at 9:00.  We contacted them and indeed, it was so.  And so, we were able to
end our last shift of the year with New Years blessings and a contribution to
the Israeli treasure.