Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 25.9.08, Morning

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Ora K., Yehudit S., Michaela R. (reporting)
07:15 (06:15 Palestinian time)

Sheikh Saed

There is a line in front of the carousel. There are many school children. Most of them go through without being checked. The documents of a pupil who seems to be 15-16 are throughly checked. The person who checks him wants to send him abck, but finally there is a decision to let him pass.
The documents of the grown ups are being checked quickly.
Three soldiers put a flying checkpoint in front of the bus station just before the American road. Cars on both directions were being checked.
A man who is a head of a kindergarden in Sheikh Saed turned to us. He told us that they have difficulty arranging school trips to the kindergarden children, since some of the teachers have Palestinian IDs. We will try to find out what can be done.


We brought and gave a computer to a crippled chil  in Ezariye. We took the opportunity to take the long way to Wadi Naar. It was very quiet. Especiallly at the area of El Quds university. Maybe because of Ramadan. 

Wadi Naar

There is no line. The traffic flaws.