Beit Iba, Mon 22.9.08, Afternoon

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Bilha, Elisheva, Yonah (reporting); Natanya translating

Because of a lack of womanpower we went both to Huwwara and Beit Iba.
The pink house opposite Kedumim which settlers manned and called Shvut Ami is empty but across the road is a shed with people and next to it is a hammock.

14.00 Beit Iba checkpoint is quiet and the pedestrian crossing is empty. Only a few people leaving Nablus. Those entering are not checked. The glass window of the booth is closed. Drivers have their IDs checked. Buses leaving Nablus stop at the checkpoint. All the young people get out and hand over their IDs to the soldier. These are given back to the driver once checked and he hands them out to the passengers. Tomer of the DCO says that the soldiers do not know the Palestinian names, give them out incorrectly and so it takes more time to hand back the IDs and therefore the soldiers have the driver help them give them back.
14.45 Mickey phones and asks us to help at Huwwara where there are problems and to go there quickly.  So we leave to go there.