Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Mon 22.9.08, Afternoon

Orit Y., Ruth O. (reporting)


3:00 - 6:00 PM


We went via jabel Mukaber towards Sheikh Saed

From afar the heaps of rubbish along the prison fence of the neighborhood could be seen. This time we had no trouble to enter through the turnstile and the narrow fence path. No body asked us to fill any forms. Apparently it all depends  on the whims of the CP commander.
The village, partly deserted, looked sleepy in the harsh midday heat and probably also due to the Ramadan fasting. We met a young man who complained about the hardships the CP creates. He cannot bring home any of the things he needs or wishes to purchase in the city unless he carries them on his back, before he used to enter the village with his car. He ownes a blue ID card, thus he is able to work in Jerusalem but he cannot leave to Jabel Mucaber, what he would like to do, since his family members have green

On our way out we saw the "Ambulance" parked across the dirt road what can one do with it?

We drove along the dirt road bearing the impressive name "American Road" passing the fortified settlement at Rass el Amud that is expanding right now. Further down in Abu Dis we also hardly saw any people. One person entered the "Pishpash", another one came out.

At the Container a great deal of earth had been removed, there still are no signs of building but the dust is plentiful. Another small shack has been put up where the former CP stood and three border police soldiers are "directing" the traffic which advances at a reasonable pace.

From time to time a car is being stopped and papers are being taken for inspection. After a few minutes a shriek human whistle is heard and the papers are put on one of the concrete blocks to be taken by the driver who waited on the side. No long lines were formed and the wait was not longer than ten minutes.

A few drivers waved thanking us for our presence. When we started to leave the commander of the CP approached us and with a slight Russian accent asked why we don't stay any longer. At first we thought he is mocking us but it turned out that he really meant it. He explained that he tries to be as fair as possible to the Palestinians because "every evil thing you do will in the end turn against you". He apparently wants to get credit from some one for his attitude. It is true that even before he spoke to us we were impressed by his behavior while we watched him.

On the way back we stopped at the entrance to Keidar East.
When we stopped at the gate a soldier came out to ask what we are looking for. In return we asked him about this "settlement" He answered "This is temporary Keidar", "how temporary?" "24 years!" Five soldiers are guarding this place where no civilians seem to live at all.

Not a very eventful shift.

Let's hope for a better new year