'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Sun 14.9.08, Afternoon

Ruthi, Aliyah

If the checkpoints were as quiet and as
efficient as they have been during Ramadan, then there would really be
no need for Machsom Watch. But we all know that this quiet is only
temporary. After Ramadan, when the traffic through the checkpoints
becomes normal once again, we will go back to the "banality of evil" as
it has usually been.
13:00 Kalkiliya
   The checkpoint is almost empty. We see no
pedestrians. There are 3 cars on each side, going into the city and
coming out, which are going through smoothly. As one goes through
another comes up, but there is hardly any wait.
   Ruthi took some pictures of the makeshift
tents, put up by young settlers, near Kedumim. We saw only 2 people in
the vicinity and no activity.
15:15 Anabta
   The checkpoint was literally empty. There wasn't a car in sight. We bought some figs.
15:30 Jubarra
   This checkpoint was also empty. As we went
through and requested that a soldier open the gate to Jubarra for us,
we noticed 3 men with their hands handcuffed behind their backs sitting
on the side.
15:40 A-Ras
   There were a few cars (3-4) from
the direction of Tul Karem, and a few cars (1-2) from the other
direction.  They were moving smoothly. Only the young men riding in
taxis were checked.
15:50 back to Jubarra
   The 3 handcuffed men were still sitting
there. We asked the soldier who opened the gate for us about the men,
but he refused to talk to us about them. We went to talk to the
soldiers at the checkpoint about them. The soldiers at the checkpoint
were polite and civil. They said that the men had been seen trying to
go into Israel without permits and had been told to go back. They were
then seen trying to get around the checkpoint into Israel, and were
caught. Their ID cards were being checked and they would be released
later. We spoke to the men who only asked us to ask the soldiers to
release them. One was a teenager who kept saying he wanted to go home.
Since we had spoken to the soldiers already we didn't see that there
was anything else we could do.