Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 1.9.08, Afternoon

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Elisheva E., Ditza Y., Tamara H. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Sea squills are blooming everywhere as we drive, and if you forget for a second why we're here, and feel the fragrance of autumn in the air - you could write poetry.

We reached the checkpoint at 15:00.  The line moves rapidly, without detaineesinfo-icon, thanks to Ramadan.

Elisheva meets her client - work accident, Bituach Leumi in Netanya, forms and powers of attorney - exchanging, signing, and with a nice smile all will be taken care of.

A conversation with the DCO representative; 2nd Lieutenant Aviv, the checkpoint commander, joins us.  The atmosphere is calm, businesslike, polite.

We left at 15:30, to go to the Jit junction.  Because of information we'd received, we go to the area of the pink house to see what's going on with the sign at the Shvut Ami settlement.  We stopped in front of the pink house, and a Ford Transit belonging to Solo Towing drives out - the driver looks at us very scornfully and peels off on his way.

Elisheva gets out, goes over to them and reports from the field.  The settlement is divided in two - an outpost of girls near the road, and an outpost of boys in the wadi.  From as close as we decided to come, we didn't see a sheep pen.  Lots of rags hanging all around, and it was difficult to see past them.

End of Elisheva's report.

Our shift is over, and we're on our way back with Nadim.