Reihan, Shaked, Sat 20.9.08, Morning

Sarit A., Shula N. (reporting)
Translation; Yael Bassis-Student

Rihan checkpoint
Two cars, in the direction of the Seam Line zone are under inspection.
A few pedestrians arrive at the terminal and are immediately swallowed in it.
At the exit of the terminal we met people who told us that passage is swift, about 10 minutes. Two posts are open.
We met M. who told us that  his son's  E. Identification card was taken from him thus he is unable to help him in his store at Barta'a.
A person is turning to us with a request for help; In 10 days, his sister who lives in Be'er Sheva, has a family wedding,he wishes to obtain a passage permit. We told him that we'll pass on his name etc.
Five youngsters try to cross over without papers. One had made it through, the rest lose hope and return to Barta'a.

8:15 - Shaked Checkpoint
The checkpoint is vacant, there are no coming or goings, We left after a few minutes.