Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 13.8.08, Afternoon

Sharon L and Raheli B"A (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation: Ruth F.


14:15- Za'tara Junction:
15 vehicles were waiting at the checkpoint heading south.

14:20- Huwwara Checkpoint:

Two posts were active.
A young man who was handcuffed and blindfolded was lead by the soldiers. The young man was taken to the cell, the flannelette was taken off, he was given water, then they put the flannelette back on and he was put in the cell.
14:30- The checkpoint was shut down. The soldiers demanded that everyone step back and said the checkpoint wouldn't open until they did as they were told. After a couple of minutes they started inspecting again.
There were three detaineesinfo-icon: One was a "bingo", another had "cause trouble in the checkpoint, so says E. the checkpoint commander, the third was the handcuffed, E. said he had "transferred two explosive pipes and a knife" during the morning. 

An elder man that used the fast lane came to us. He was there with his son and they had an appointment to see a doctor in Herzelia at 16:30. Emek sent the young man, who was sick, to the end of the regular line. I asked the commander to go easy on him and inspect him as fast as possible, so that he could make it on time. The commander said: "no" and his excuse was that they had found a man with two explosives that morning. It's for him to decide and he won't go easy on any one. He might be a terrorist.
14:50- Two of the detainees were released.
15:00- A Palestinian car arrived, the Palestinians said they were from the Palestinian DCO. The flannelette and the handcuffs were taken off. The man was taken into the Palestinian car and drove back with them. The Palestinians said that the third time he had been arrested for having "explosives" and then without any drama taken back to Nablus. In spite of that when I listened to the news they said that a young man was arrested for trying to transfer explosives and that  our soldiers were protecting us.
When I asked the officers about it they said- "I really don't know, it a decision taken by the high offices..."

16:10- Beit Furik Checkpoint:
It was very quiet as usual. A man was waiting for a car at the end of the checkpoint. He was rudely sent to the vehicle area.
Four vehicles were at the exit from Nablus, waiting for the inspection.

16:30- Za'tara Junction:
Ten vehicles heading south were waiting in line.