Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Wed 3.9.08, Morning

Anat T., Shira V. (reporting)



06:55 Sheikh Saed

Traffic of persons crossing, including school children, flows.  Passage is through one turnstile which serves for both entry and exit.  According to residents of the neighbourhood, the turnstile has been breaking down periodically in the last few weeks. An elderly man, a cancer patient armed with permits, wishes to cross with his son, a resident of the neighbourhood, who has no permit.  The son is turned back and the sick father continues to the Augusta Victoria Hospital on his own.

08:00  Zeitim Crossing

Traffic flows fairly smoothly.  We entered the checkpoint, and when we turned back a small line formed within minutes opposite the only operative lane.  According to the two female soldiers operating it (not very efficiently, with frequent resort to loudspeakers) the computer in this lane, and also in another, had crashed.  We passed the check a few minutes later when the computer was restored.

08:40  Wadi Nar

Sparse traffic, flowing.  Transits detained and released within minutes.