Beit Iba, Sun 31.8.08, Morning

Yehudit H., Yael A. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

06:50  Irtah checkpoint: Many laborers arriving and moving relatively quickly to the inspection point.  Many are waiting on the Israeli for employers who haven't yet arrived. 

07:10  Jabara:  Since there wasn't much activity, nor were there problems the other times we were here, we didn't stay.

 07:25  ‘Anabta:  Almost no cars in either direction, no delays.

07:40  Beit Iba:  Very light traffic on the way there as well.  A long line of cars in front of the checkpoint, but they're going through at a reasonable rate.  There's crowding at the pedestrian checkpoint where documents are examined.  We timed that it took 15 minutes from the time a man arrived until he went through after his ID was checked.  We had the impression that the examination speeded up after we arrived.  Women and others who were not checked passed through immediately.  There was one detainee on the Palestinian side. 

08:00  We left.  On the way back we stopped at ‘Anabta again; traffic flowed.