Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Thu 24.7.08, Morning

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Judy , A, (reporting) Mili , M

6:30am Anata - Traffic
moved in a reasonable pace. 


7:00am Aram -
One car only, no pedestrians, no traffic, no detaineesinfo-icon.


7:25am Qalandia

The lines to enter were as
far back as the entrance into the waiting area'. People said they had been
waiting since 5:30am and that they opened late. The humanitarian gate
opened every 20 minutes. Once people got in,
going into be checked took about 10 minutes. The lines were clear by

Eight men had come for
their permits to enter Israel
. They all work in Givat Zeev.
Yesterday, July 23rd. They and twelve others were on a bus that got
lost and was stopped between Bir Naballah and the A-Ram CP. The police had taken
their permits and had promised to return them to Qalandia by 3:00pm of the same
day. They came and the permits were not there. They were told they would be
there this morning. Since the Matak was still closed they truned to us for help.

We  called the head of Matak, who knew about
the incident and said they would have to be issued new permits
, but on Silvia'
advice we the Moked Humanitarian office and were referred to Hamal Matak.
Instead, we talked with Gal, the spokesman to the Minhal Ezrachi, who was
responsive, took the ID's numbers of the eight people who had come this morning
and called back about 20 minutes later confirmed that all the permits are with
the Minhal Ezrachi, the workers had to be in touch with their employers who will
get back the permits (or not) pending on the results of the investigations. 

very distressed young man who works in Givat Zeev, lost
his permit  on the job site and
didn't have his bosses number to check the area. He needed to speak to someone
in the Matak, which is supposed to open at 8:30am. Mili called them at 8:45am.
They said they were about to open. They did a few minutes later.