'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 3.9.08, Afternoon

Sarah F., Daliah G.; Translator: Orna B.
On the way to Beit Iba via Qalqiliya we walked into the Al Paradiso Nursery and carried on the path until we came to the Fence and the gate. I wanted to understand better what these mean to the the nursery workers.

I approached one of the workers who was sitting under the shade, on an old decrepid sofa. I asked if he spoke Hebrew and if I may ask him some questions. He answered in the affirmative.
His face expressed sadness and despair. I introduced myself and the organisation. He asked: "How does this help us?"

I answered:" Very little, but we do the best we can, in any way that is open to us. Is it preferable that we would not do it?"

He nodded his agreement, with the same expression of despair.

According to him: The lands of the nursery belong to people in Qalqiliyqa and Havla, both are 'enveloped' by the Fence. In order to reach the nursery from Qalqiliya, instead of taking the main road and arrive in 5-10 minutes, they have to take a road which goes around and passes under the main road and reaches the Fence. The gate here opens 3 times a day, for an hour each time.

The guy - young and handsome- his face and body language show frustration and helplessness. His sight stays with me.

One wants to shake the Fence and pull it down, and shake this guy into life. His frustration haunts me.

14:45 Qalqiliya

No queues and traffic is flowing. Very few vehicles.

16:25 Anabta ( In Palestine it is 5:25)

No cars on either side. All is empty.
Sarah goes to the check post to show our presence.
In a converstaion with the soldiers she asks: What Palestinian would cross over from village to village in order to blow himself and others up?

The soldier:" There are a lot of soldiers at the road blocks and it is a target."
Sarah: "That really worries us very much. You are so exposed."

The soldier: "We are here under the guise of policemen."
Sarah: "On the contrary. You are policemen under the guise of soldiers"
The soldier: "Don't say that!"
End of conversation.

16:50 Jubara

They open the gate for us immediately. 

Not a thing.

We leave