'Anabta, Irtah, Sun 31.8.08, Morning

Yael A. (reporting), Judith H.

     6:50 Irta Checkpoint  

 Many workers arrive  and pass through the checking installation, relatively quickly. Many are waiting on the Israeli side for their employers who have not arrived.

7:10  Jubara:  

Due to little activity and no problems in the past, we did not wait.

7:25  Anata :  Hardly any cars in either direction, no delays.

Beit Iba 7:40

Also in that direction  particularly few cars. In front of the checkpoint the line of cars is long, but advances and at an acceptable speed. At the pedestrian checkpoint there is a long holdup at the checking of the papers. We counted 15 minutes for a man to pass, after the checking of the identity cards. We were under the impression that the time they took to examine the papers was longer than before. Women and other "not checked"  people passed through immediately. There was one detainee 

at the Palestinian side.

8:00  We left. On the way back we checked at Anata – the traffic was moving smoothly.