Reihan, Shaked, Mon 25.8.08, Morning

Sima S., Tamar G., Neta G. (reporting)
Translation:Yael Bassis-Student

06:00 - A'aneen checkpoint
Gatesinfo-icon are open. First tractor goes through while the second one is reversing; later it turns out that the driver, a resident of Um-el-Rihan, wanted to bring in doors for his house but had no proper permits.
We are told that there are about 60 people waiting on the A'aneen side of the fence. The pace is relatively reasonable.

06:50 - We left, passage continues.

07:00 - Tura checkpoint
Gates are open. A boy and a girl, diligent and quick, are already waiting to cross over to school at Tura on the other side of the checkpoint. They go through fast without inspection of their school begs.
On the Tura (west bank) side of the fence, people crowd near the turnstile at the entrance to the inspection cabin. Passage time at the booth is two minutes per person. Some of the people are farmers, others work at the settlements of Shaked and Heinanit.
More school children arrive and go in immediately. Adults are asked to present their papers. The small girls (about four years old) are exceptionally sweet, their cloths are colorful and shiny. Why do they have to go through the checkpoint on their way to kindergarten?
We are told that yesterday noon school children went through the inspection cabin.
At the DCO we received no answer regarding that.

07:55 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
People come out of the sleeveinfo-icon in groups straight to the transportations awaiting them at the upper car park area (Seam Line).
A bus from Barta'a and four cars are awaiting passage to the West Bank. Passengers get off for inspection and wait for the vehicle's inspection.
At the terminal one boot is operational, it appears that there is no pressure. People say that today things are "allright".

08:30 - At the Palestinian
car park area, people who arrive get into the terminal immediately.
E. tells us that at the Amreecha checkpoint, near Mevoh Dotan he was forced to wait 25 minutes for inspection of three car that were in front of him.

- Five pickup trucks loaded with goods are waiting for inspection, four are under inspection while six more are waiting in the direction of out of the West Bank into the Seam Line zone.

We left.