'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 28.8.08, Afternoon

Dorit H., Judith L. and Yifat D. (Reporting)





16: 28

Fifteen people are sitting on the gravel next to the checkpoint. About another twenty are standing in line behind the concrete wall.

The people who are being detained are workers who came back from Israel. Their I.D cards were taken no less than a quarter of an hour ago. Five minutes after our arrival, one of the soldiers called the whole group and they now are returning the I.D cards back to them.

Eight cars are waiting to pass from Azzun-Atme to the west bank. The soldiers gets irritated if one of the people do  not stand exactly behind the concrete wall or if they don't stand in line. – "who speaks Hebrew?" a soldier shouts – and calls one of the men to him in order to explain that he has to tell all the others to get in line.  The man returns and delivers the order.


The workers who came from Israel without a permit are being forced to answer a series of questions and are detained for a while. Little children who pass alone are also compelled to go through the entire checking process.


One of the men in line tells us "look how they stack us in a row like chickens –as if we were not  nine month in our mothers womb."

"I am telling you to go back- and you answer me?!' cries one of the soldiers towards a Palestinian.

We left at 17:30